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Some RL stuff, plus pics of Dom and Lij partying at Billy's wedding!


So the dinner last Thursday with my friend went smoothly. He didn't try anything and I paid for my own meal. Since then we've continued hanging out as usual, plus he's been asking my good friend about me. She made it clear the kind of girl I am when it comes to relationships and threw in some tips for him, because I wasn't sure whether I liked him or not at this point.

Today he asked if I wanted to watch tLotR: RotK; yeah, he found my weak spot. He rented the movie and came over my apartment where he, my good friend, and I watched it. I should add this was not the theatrical version either and he's not savvy on the whole story; he only wanted to watch it for me. However, I didn't mind explaining it to him; it was amusing anyway. The only problem was, I knew he was looking for the opportunity to put his arm around my shoulder/waist, whatever ('cause he's done it before in a movie theater). And guess what, he tried it. I subtly as possible pulled away and awkwardly played it off. I'm glad he tried this at the part where Middle Earth had been saved or else it would've been a looooong awkward movie watching. While in the car he asked if I like him and I told him, "Just as a friend; I want to stay friends like we are now." He accepted it polity and then we parted ways. I hate rejecting friends, especially since, in my history, they usually choose to lose touch with me after discovering they have no chance with me. I feel like a mean person when I hurt friends this way. Even though I know it has to happen sometimes, I still feel like a bad person.

So question: Can straight women and straight men ever have a successful, clean friendship, nothing more? Maybe it's just my age group (early 20s, emerging adulthood as psychologists say) or generation but I know girls my age who have good guy friends. My oldest and closest guy friend is a high school ex and turned gay directly after we dated <--- High school story of my life.

I am disgruntled.


On the flip side, some sexy party pics of Dom and Lij at the after party of Billy's wedding! <3 (At least, I'm pretty positive it's the after party.)

(I wanna *cough* getDomdrunkandtakeadvantageofhim *cough* What?! No, I'm just kidding! I would *cough* never *cough* do such a thing! *cough,cough,cough*)
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